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Backing tracks or jam tracks download

To Download Track: Right Click & Click on “Save Link As…”

Here is a collection of Free Backing tracks which you can use for practice at home.I have mentioned the chords so that you can either strum along using different strumming patterns or improvise using theĀ  suitable scale.

1) Sweet Home Prog (D C G)

2) Practice beat 2(12 bar)

3) Practice beat 1(straight)

4) GFCC3


6)Em C G D

7) Cmaj7

8) C Am Em Am

9) Dm7 G7 CMaj7

10) C major scale

11) Dm Vamp

12) D Dorian

13)Am pentatonic

14)Blues in A

15) Bossa Nova 2 5 1 in C